Changes in Oregon Returnable Deposit on Aluminum Cans

Oregon returnable deposit cans

The state of Oregon has increased the returnable deposit on cans from 5¢ to 10¢, effective April 1, 2017.Oregon Liquor Control Commission

  • The Oregon Liquor Control Commission was required by state law to increase the refund value due to 2014-2015 data showing that the total number of beverage containers returned for refund was less than 80% of the total number of beverage containers sold in Oregon. 

All beverage containers of 3 liters or less (water, beer/malt beverages, and carbonated soft drinks) are included in the bill.

  • Cider, coconut water, and non-alcoholic kombucha are not covered.

By January 1, 2018, all beverage containers (water, beer/malt beverages, and carbonated soft drinks–except for distilled liquor, wine, dairy or plant-based milk, and infant formula) without 10¢ refund value printed on the container must be removed from store shelves in Oregon

  • By then most other beverages will be added to the bill, including but not limited to tea, coffee, hard cider, fruit juice, kombucha and coconut water.
  • Container sizes for the newly added beverages will be 4 oz to 1.5 liters. Containers that are smaller or larger containers will not require a deposit.

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