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Costs & Timing

Q: How much does it cost to produce a beverage like mine?

A: Just as every beverage is different, the cost to produce each beverage will vary. The cost will depend on a number of factors, including the commercial formulation, ingredient specifications, packaging type, production process, and quantity produced. For a free consultation to begin estimating the cost to produce your beverage vision, please contact us.

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Every project is unique, with its own mix of services and cost, tailored specifically to your beverage vision and the steps needed to bring it to fruition. For a free consultation to begin estimating the cost to produce your beverage vision, please contact us.

Q: Do you offer tiered pricing?

A: Yes – BevSource’s goal is to support your business success with our operational expertise. One way we do this is by adapting our fee structures as needed to efficiently accommodate your beverage's volume growth over time.

Q: How long would it take to bring my beverage idea to life?

A: Many factors go into the timeline for developing, producing and delivering a beverage, including what type of beverage it is, and how many of BevSource’s services you utilize.

A very rough estimate for a beverage to complete the full BevSource process of formulation > vendor selection & set-up > production > delivery is 3-5 months for a non-alcoholic beverage, or 4-6 for an alcoholic one. If you have already completed some of the steps, the timeline could be shorter, while more complex beverages or business situations may take longer.

For a free consultation to begin estimating how long it will take to bring your beverage vision to life, please contact us.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact us! One of our experienced salespeople will ask you a series of questions about the vision you have for your beverage, and the work that you have already completed on your path to production. From there, our experienced team will build a customized proposal for you to consider.

For your free consultation, please contact us.

Q: What is the process for actually hiring BevSource?

A: First, BevSource will provide a free consultation, where we build a full understanding of the scope of your beverage. Next we will put together a custom proposal for you that outlines the specific mix of services, budget and timeline that will be needed to develop, produce and/or deliver your beverage.

After we receive your signed proposal and the initial fee, we will schedule a Kick Off Call with the supply chain specialist who will be your main point of contact, and a team of specialists specifically chosen to support your beverage’s needs. During this call we will dig even deeper into the details of what makes your beverage unique and what will make it most successful. Then the BevSource team will jointly pull together the vendors, processes and services that will bring it to life.

To start the process, please contact us.

Q: Who works on my project?

A: Although your main point of contact will be your supply chain specialist with occasional contact from your account manager, he or she will be working behind the scenes with a dedicated team of operational specialists specifically chosen for their expertise in areas related to your beverage vision. The team will work together to pull together the vendors, processes and services to develop, produce and deliver your beverage. Learn more about the BevSource team.

Q: What if I only need help in one specific area, such as freight or compliance?

A: No problem – in the initial consultation, we discuss the work you have already completed on your beverage production journey. We will ask a series of questions to understand which of BevSource’s many services would be of value to you, and build a customized proposal that includes only the services you need.


Q: Do you only deal with startups or do you help existing brands?

A: Our broad range of services allows us to effectively support many different kinds of clients, including:

  • Entrepreneurs who are entering the beverage business for the first time.
  • Established brand owners who seek expertise and experience in a new beverage segment.
  • Supply chain executives who are looking for additional production capacity or other turnkey operations support.
  • International companies who need help overseeing U.S. operations.
  • Brand owners who are looking to outsource all or part of their operations
  • Brand investors who need experienced operations to add maximum value to their companies

Learn more about clients we have worked with.

Q: What beverage types do you work with?

A: We have expertise across nearly every beverage platform. Examples inlcude:

  • Alcoholic: Beer, ciders, spirits, malt based, sugar based, OTS (wine-based)
  • Non-Alcoholic: energy drinks, teas, coffee, functional, protein, flavor shots, shelf-stable dairy
  • Special Certifications: Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO, etc
  • Carbonated and Non-carbonated

Q: Do you help with distribution, sales or marketing?

A: No – BevSource focuses only on where we can add the most value to our clients, and our experience and expertise is in beverage operations. Our clients maintain responsibility for the distribution, sales and marketing of their own beverages. While we can provide some guidance for how to evaluate potential distributors, clients will need to engage directly with a distributor that specializes in their beverage platform and reaches the stores, restaurants or other outlets necessary to get their beverage into consumers' hands.


Q: Can you provide me with ingredients and packaging, even if I don’t need help with production?

A: Yes, our sourcing specialists can procure individual ingredients or premixes to produce your beverage formula. We can also source standard or custom packaging components to give your product the shelf presence and consumer experience you want your beverage to have. Find out more about our sourcing capabilities.

Q: Do you offer custom blending of dry premix?

A: Yes – premixes can be a great way to ensure more consistent production and add a layer of privacy or protection to your formula. Our sourcing specialists can procure premixes with exactly the right combination of ingredients to support your unique beverage. Find out more about the benefits of premixes.


Q: Can you formulate my beverage?

A: Yes – once we understand the vision you have for your beverage, we will identify the right flavor house to develop formula options for your beverage platform. We will work with you through the process to help you finalize a formula and make sure it is copacker ready. We also make sure you are fully aware of all the downstream implications of your chosen formula, including costs, packaging functionality, in the case of alcoholic beverages, tax implications.

Q: I already have a commercial formulation, can you still help me?

A: Yes – BevSource will review your formulation and ensure that it is ready for a commercial packer to produce. We can also help you fine-tune the product specifications to ensure that your finished product will deliver the taste and consumer experience you want to deliver.

Q: After formulation, who owns the commercial formula?

A: You do. Neither BevSource nor the flavor house that develops the formula will have any rights to your formula – you will always own it.

Q: Can you manage my logistics needs, if I already have a copacker?

A: Yes – we have an entire logistics department dedicated to helping manage freight, warehousing and inventory. These experienced employees can help you manage the movement of product, as well as offer back-office support such a bookkeeping. Find out more about our logistics capabilities.


Q: Does BevSource invest in or own any brands?

A: No – BevSource does not own any beverage brands or provide investment for any of our clients. BevSource focuses only on where we can add the most value to our clients, and our experience and expertise is in beverage operations.

Q: What experience do you have?

A: Our leadership team has a combined 40+ years of experience across all facets of beverage operations. Since starting BevSource in 2002, we have hired the most outstanding, passionate and dedicated people, and invested heavily in their ongoing training and development. Every client is supported by an integrated team made up of specialists in each facet of beverage operations.

Q: What happened to Production Services International? Is BevSource now Production Services International?

A: On August 1, 2016 Production Services International officially merged with BevSource. By combining the operational services delivered by Production Services International with the sourcing capabilities of BevSource, we continue to bring all our clients the most integrated and effective solutions to bring their beverage ideas to life.