Production Set-Up

There is a long list of items that need to be confirmed and organized before you can start producing your beverage. BevSource tackles your pre-production with a team of experienced experts and an 80-point checklist to dial in all the details and ensure everything is ready for a successful production run.  

As we’re preparing for your production run, we’re also building the best beverage production practices into your business.

  • We double-check artwork, materials, production dates, and purchase orders and identify warehousing for your finished goods. 
  • We identify, contract with, and set up production with your co-packer(s) 
  • We set up your products, SKUs, material, and ingredient documentation with your manufacturing partners. 
  • We project cost estimates and a timeline showing when you’ll need capital to fund your production. 

We relieve the stress of wondering if you’ve missed something that will put your business at risk. You can rest easy knowing we’ve got this and are ready to handle whatever comes up along the way. 

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