Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink Sleeve and Shrink Wrap Bottle Labels


Are you looking for a cost-effective labeling option for your beverage? Shrink sleeve labels are a popular and versatile choice that suits a variety of beverage containers, such as cans.

At BevSource, our industry partnerships allow us to connect beverage businesses with labeling companies to help them find solutions that best fit their needs. If you want to explore shrink sleeve labels for your beverage, contact BevSource today.

What Is Shrink Sleeve Labeling?

A shrink sleeve is a full-color printed label that uses heat application to adhere the label to the beverage container. When properly applied, these polyester or plastic film materials will seamlessly form to the shape of the beverage container. There are four main types of shrink sleeve packaging available:

  • Multipack sleeves: Multipack sleeves wrap around multiple products to group them for retail use.
  • Full-body shrink sleeves: With a full-body shrink sleeve, the label covers the entire product, potentially including the cap.
  • Partial body sleeves: Partial body or belly bands wrap around part of the beverage container without covering it completely.
  • Neck band sleeves: Neck band sleeves, also called tamper-evident sleeves, have perforation on the neck portion and go over the beverage lid for added security.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are a popular option for cans due to their durability and fast production times. With the option to use vibrant colors, shrink sleeve labels create a sleek look and capture consumers' attention by standing out on shelves and creating brand awareness. Some of the many benefits of using shrink sleeve labels on your beverage cans include the following:


One of the many great things about shrink-wrap labels is that they cover the entire can with high-resolution graphics. Since shrink sleeve labels for cans are available in unlimited colors and finishes such as matte, gloss, tactile and fluorescent, you can create a design to fit your brand and tell your customers more about who you are as a company. This packaging is an excellent way to ensure your product stands out.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Shrink sleeve labels for cans are available at low minimum order quantities, enabling you to place orders for less than two pallet. This flexibility allows you to produce a small batch to show to investors and test groups to receive feedback on your design before ordering larger quantities. Sleeving is also a great way to test new products or launch limited release SKUs that may not have sufficient volume for traditional direct print.

Fast Turnaround Time

Because shrink sleeve labels for cans offer faster turnaround times, they are an excellent alternative to the traditional direct print method. This flexible labeling option enables you to change designs for seasonal and promotional needs or quickly change your label to meet shifting trends in can design.


Since cans are highly portable, they need a label that can withstand travel or various conditions such as cold and heat. Shrink sleeve labels contain plastic and polyester, making them a durable label option that can withstand extreme temperatures, intense humidity and other harsh conditions without changing your product's appearance. The graphics also print on the inside of the sleeve to eliminate concerns about running ink or abrasion compromising the label's integrity.

Take Your Beverage Shrink Wrap Labels to the Next Level With BevSource

Shrink sleeve labels are a great way to elevate your brand while attracting new customers. Complete our online contact form today to learn more about the benefits of working with BevSource!

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