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Give Your Beverage the Advantage of a Winning Formula  

Your beverage’s formula is the foundation for its success. A commercial formula ensures that your beverage looks and tastes exactly how you want it to every time it’s produced at a large scale. A properly developed formula will also maximize manufacturing and supply chain resources, helping you create a sustainable, competitive advantage. 

Build with a Bigger Vision in Mind 

Many people don’t realize the number of decisions and insights it takes to create a commercial formula. Every decision impacts manufacturing feasibility, costs, packaging feasibility, tax implications, regulations, claims, consumer messaging, and many other factors that will affect your business in the short and long term.  

BevSource specializes in guiding you through the formulation process to ensure you end up with a commercial formula resulting in a high quality beverage that’s cost-effective, competitive, and aligned with your vision. Your final formulation and Statement of Process are your intellectual property, and they will serve as a major contributor to your beverage’s success. 

Let's Build A Winning Formula
Reach out to schedule your free formulation consultation call. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can BevSource help me formulate my beverage?

A: Yes – once we understand the vision you have for your beverage, we will identify and guide you down the right path to develop your formula based on your beverage type and unique characteristics. We will work with you to find the right ingredients and suppliers, finalize your formula, and make sure it is contract packer ready. We also make sure you are fully aware of all the downstream impacts of your formula choices, including: cost barriers, supply chain challenges, packaging requirements, possible label claim implications, and tax factors to consider and monitor.

Q: I already have a commercial formula. Can you still help me?

A: Yes – BevSource will review your formulation and ensure that it is commercially ready for a contract packer to produce. We can review the ingredient specifications to help you identify the most cost-effective suppliers, while ensuring that your finished product will still deliver the same taste and consumer experience you desire and expect.

Q: After formulation, who owns the commercial formula?

A: You do. Neither BevSource nor the flavor house that develops the formula will have any rights to your formula – you will always own it.


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