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Careers - Beverage Industry & Outsourcing

As a Project Relations Manager, you will work closely with the Director of Operations as well as the Product Development Manager and Supply Chain Manager to provide all account management to our clients.  The position requires thorough knowledge of the supply chain process as well as exceptional communication skills.  This position serves as the key point of contact between BevSource and its customers.

We are a brewery, and so much more. At The Lab we will be brewing and serving new, exciting beers along with classic styles. In addition, we will be crafting other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks such as hard seltzer and natural sodas. We will also be serving several packaged nonalcoholic products from other companies, something for everyone. We will also have a quality control laboratory on premises. We will test our products to make sure they are top notch, and other breweries will send us samples to check their quality. There’s more, we are also a pilot facility.