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What's Trending: Gut Health

Gut Healthy Beverage Categories

August 17, 2017

Many are calling Gut Health the next “mega trend” in the world of health and wellness. With consumers more aware of the role food and beverage play in their microbiome, these three beverage categories are some of the fastest growing trends in the market.

Bone Broth

  • Offers a unique nutritional composition, including hard to find amino acids such as proline and glycine.
  • Gelatinous cofactors can be healing to the gut, and some have claimed bone broth can reduce food allergies.

Fermented/Cultured & Probiotics

  • Lactic acid plus the bacteria and yeast strains found in various fermented beverages support a healthy gut microbiome.Gut Health Beverages Kombucha Bitters Bone Broth
  • Popular forms of these type of beverages are kombucha and kefir.
  • Some companies are adding live probiotics to their products.


  • Boost metabolism and improve digestion.
  • As foods and beverages low in sugar gain popularity, consumers’ taste profiles are changing.
  • The top bitter flavors making their mark in the beverage industry are coffee, ginger, turmeric, drinking vinegars, and dandelion root.
  • Experts recommend slowly introducing customers to bitter flavors. Combining bitters with citrus, a fat base, or a little sweetener can round out the flavor.