The Ultimate Beverage Business Glossary

The Ultimate Beverage Business Glossary Cover
27 pages
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Over 90 Terms Every Beverage Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Running a beverage business means wearing a lot of hats. You’re required to be familiar with many technical topics and the terminology that accompanies each area. From development and sourcing to production and compliance, we’ve compiled the essential terms you’ll need to know to be fluent in any conversation you might face on your beverage business journey.


  • Defines more than 90 essential terms you need to understand to build a successful and profitable beverage business.
  • Easy to understand definitions, organized and broken down into sections by how you will encounter them on your beverage journey.
  • Curated by beverage industry experts with years of experience helping to bring beverage ideas to life.

Studying this glossary in relation to your beverage plans and goals can help you gain a better understanding of what it will take to start and build your beverage business.


  • Learning The Language
  • Development Terms: A brief overview of some of the terms that you may run across on your beverage development journey.
  • Sourcing Terms: Explore the terminology you’ll need to understand to identify, negotiate, and purchase all the elements that go into your beverage.
  • Production Terms: This chapter includes terms and ideas you’ll encounter as you prepare and enter the production phase of your beverage journey.
  • Compliance Terms: Learn what you need to know and where to look to find the proper information to keep your beverage complaint.
  • Logistics Terms: Dive into some of the key terms that will help you as you plan the logistics for your beverage operations.
  • Financial Terms: Discover the financial terms for monitoring your business’s performance and success.


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