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BevSource & Production Services International Merge

BevSource PSI Merge

ST PAUL (August 1, 2016)— Production Services International and BevSource will officially merge into one company under the name—BevSource—offering customers more integrated services and solutions for outsourced operations, and sourcing of ingredients and materials from a dedicated and experienced team in the beverage industry.

“While each company had its unique offerings, we were addressing the needs of the customers and utilizing resources from both as needed,” said Co-Founder and CEO Mike Gondek. “By combining the operational services delivered by Production Services International with the sourcing capabilities of BevSource, we offer our clients a full spectrum of services to bring their beverage ideas to life.”

The broad range of services BevSource offers effectively supports many different kinds of clients, including: entrepreneurs who are entering the beverage business for the first time; established beverage brand owners who seek expertise and experience in a new beverage segment; supply chain executives who are looking for additional production capacity or other turnkey operations support; and international companies who need help overseeing U.S. operations.

“Our passion is making our clients’ beverage dreams come true,” said Gondek. “The BevSource team of experienced, driven and resourceful employees manage the daily details of beverage development, production, sourcing and logistics solutions, allowing our clients to have more time to build their brand, business and customer base.”

“Some of our clients are beverage visionaries who have moved beyond just a simple beverage idea to a full business plan, and are ready to invest in putting that plan into motion,” said Gondek. “However, they don’t want to do it all themselves, because they need to focus on driving their brand and business forward. They value our long-standing relationships with leading ingredient and packaging suppliers and rely on us to bring them the best vendors at the best value that lets them enjoy economies of scale, right from start-up.” 

What BevSource clients say

BevSource has experience in nearly every segment of the beverage market, including: beer, cider and spirits; energy and functional drinks; carbonated and non-carbonated beverages; and flavor shots and powder sachets.

Carolina Global Brewing, the Creator of Happy Juice, a ready-to-drink cocktail, has been with BevSource since 2013 providing services in supply chain management, compliance, packaging ideas, and formulation development.

“If I had to choose one word that describes BevSource, it would be ‘Integrity’. They are an integral part of our team and everyone is accountable,” said Samuel Wilson, Esq., Zen Master, CEO, Carolina Global Brewing. “There are very few companies that have the specialized skills, capabilities, team experience and are inherently interested in our brand’s success. They engage with us in out-of-the-box thinking and helps make those ideas a reality. Depending on the day, they are the project manager, air traffic controller, or supply chain manager, which gives me time to execute my strategy.”

Celsius, which markets healthy energy drinks backed by science, has been with BevSource for ten years. The company provides procurement of components and production management. While they have had the same product, BevSource has worked with Celsius to create different flavor profiles and package sizes.

“We could not have done some of this on our own.  BevSource has great relationships and are able to get better pricing on various components for us that we couldn’t get on our own,” said Gerry David, President and Chief Executive Officer, Celsius. “The main benefit of working with BevSource is the ability to tap into and work with multiple people with expertise and specific skill sets. To hire a team in-house is just not feasible compared to what they do for us and the value we see has paid off for our company.”


BevSource has a long history of supporting Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest (JAUM) and their School Partnership Program, which teaches kids about personal finance and entrepreneurship.  Currently, the company supports Edgerton Elementary School with financial contributions and employee volunteers to bring Junior Achievement programming to its students.  In addition, employees raise money through customers, vendors, families and friends to support JA bigBowl, one of JAUM’s largest fundraising events.

“We give our time and money to JA to really inspire young people to follow their dreams and give them a view into a world outside of their classroom or their current home life,” said President and COO, Janet Johanson.  “We are proud to be the smallest company recognized as a JAUM’s Partner Circle Organization for annual giving.”  


Company and Founders

BevSource was born when two entrepreneurial beverage industry veterans saw an opportunity to transform the way beverage ideas become reality.  They had seen first-hand the complexity and pitfalls of the beverage industry, and wondered how novice beverage entrepreneurs with big, bold ideas could ever bring them to market on their own.  They knew there had to be a better way than trial by fire and learning from mistakes.

            In 2002, Mike Gondek and Janet Johanson started Production Services International (PSI) to offer beverage visionaries the services and support they needed to navigate the world of beverage operations and to launch their products.  In 2006, they created a subsidiary named BevSource with a vision to provide beverage manufacturers with the high-quality, cost-effective raw materials and packaging needed to produce their beverages.

In 2016, the two companies merged into one company under the BevSource name to provide a full spectrum of service and sourcing capabilities to both companies’ clients.  



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