Are you confident in your aluminum can liners?

The lining of your aluminum cans prevents chemical reactions between your container and your beverage. For it to work, the coating must be applied correctly and consistently. Unfortunately, there hasn't been an easy, accessible way for beverage brands to independently test their can liners' thickness–until now.

The Lab is the first third-party beverage quality laboratory to offer SpecMetrix®-certified can liner testing to everyone in the beverage industry.

Why test the thickness of your can liners?

Corrosion testing is only one aspect of can quality, but it doesn't tell the whole story. If your can liner is not applied correctly and evenly, there's a greater likelihood that your cans will fail. Testing your can liners gives you more flexibility and confidence in your can supply. Armed with can liner thickness data, you can:

Quick turnaround times

Verify Current Supplier Specification

Quality education workshops

Qualify New Can Suppliers

Quality education workshops

Investigate Can Quality Issues

SpecMetrix® is a powerful validation and diagnostic tool, but it is not corrosion testing. Only the manufacturer can provide warranties and guarantees.

Testing on Your Terms

Whether you need one-time testing or consistent validation, The Lab has a liner testing package for you.

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