Beverage Industry Insights

Navigating the No and Low Alcoholic Beverage Market

While alcohol has long been a centerpiece of social events, its effects have led many health-conscious consumers to the nonalcoholic drink market. People have varied motivations for choosing these drinks, from health and addiction concerns to the simple desire to avoid a hangover. Whatever their reasoning,... Read more »

There is a lot to consider when creating and planning a new beverage. One thing often overlooked is understanding the requirements, costs, and resources needed to make some of the more popular claims and certifications. Each has pros and cons. Some have extra fees and documentation that you will need to keep in... Read more »

UX Principles Beverage Brands Need To Consider

User experience (UX) finds its way into virtually every industry today, including the drinks sector. When it comes to conversions and increasing profits, brands need to consider how their customers are using their platforms, be it their website, apps or ordering systems, in order to deliver a great digital... Read more »

CBD and THC Beverage Ingredients in High Demand

The cannabis market continues to show its staying power in the United States. Reports show cannabis product sales will hit $42 billion in 2026, with edibles, including THC and CBD food and beverage-infused drinks, projected to hit $5.7 billion in sales by 2024. The market is buzzing with potential... Read more »

Beverage Creation

A fantastic idea is the first and most important step toward launching your own drink company, but developing your brand can be tricky. Once you have an idea for a tasty new beverage, you'll still need to know how to start a drink brand and get your product off the ground. 

You'll need to consider... Read more »

CBD beverage technology trends

The rise of functional beverages has driven a sharp increase in the popularity of CBD-infused drinks. The timing for CBD beverages seems right as health-conscious consumers seek new ways to promote wellness while the increasing acceptance of cannabis is normalizing the use of CBD and making it more accessible.... Read more »

Overcoming Flavor Challenges When Formulating A Functional Beverage

By Vikrant Lal, Senior Manager of Formulations Services, BevSource

 Formulating a successful functional beverage can be challenging. Not only does your product need to deliver the desired functional claim, such as energy, focus, or relaxation, but it also needs to taste good and keep consumers... Read more »

Top 2023 Beverage Flavor Trends Focus on Innovative Indulgence

There are more ways than ever to build value with beverage innovation. Customers want products that taste good, quench their thirst, support their health goals, fit their lifestyles, provide meaningful experiences, and align with their values.

The beverage landscape rapidly evolves to deliver specialized... Read more »

CBD Equity Crowdfunding Cannabinoid Beverage

Several sources are predicting explosive growth in the market for cannabinoid beverages. The Global CBD-Infused Beverages Market size is estimated to grow from USD 3,400 million in 2020 to USD 14,600 million by 2026, at a CAGR of approximately 27.5% between 2021 and 2026, according to Facts and Factors.... Read more »

Beverage Supplement vs. Nutrition Facts Panels
Does Your Beverage Need a Supplement Facts Panel or Nutrition Facts Panel?

The short answer is, it’s complicated. As beverages venture further into the functional realm, the line between beverage and supplement can become more challenging to navigate. Although no pre-approval is required to market your product as... Read more »